Choosing your perfect massage… Sport Massage

Hard Massage for people who often practice Sports

Continuing with our series of all the different type of massage, now we are going to talk about the different characteristics of Sport Massage.

As we all know, a massage can be a real treat but chosen poorly might not bring the benefits we expect, that is why we are talking about all the massage therapists you can find out there.


In the first place, Talking about history, there is not precise starting date of this kind:

The Greeks and Romans were using it. Galen ( Roman Physician, AD 30-200) prescribed massage for the gladiators both before and after exercising. Sports Massage followed a history similar to therapeutic massage. Sports massage became a modality unto it self  in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s.


In addittion, we would like to describe the technique :

The main technique used is myofascial technique, and it stretches the muscle fiber increasing the inter exchange of tissue fluids.


Therefore, this massage is best for:

  • For Athletes of any level that would like to prevent injuries.
  • Any person that would like to increase performance at peak times doing exercise.
  • Athletes that want to focus on specific parts of the body (foot, tendon, etc) or suffer specific injuries (ankle sprain, tendinitis,etc.).


If you are looking for a Sport massage please have a look at our list of massage therapist near you.

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