Do you know how you will feel after massage therapy?

People usually think after a massage they will feel much more relieved, and the pain will disappear instantly and that could be true, but in many cases the sharpest pain will come after therapy.

What does it happen after massage therapy?

When a person gets a massage, his muscles are manipulated and stretched by the therapist, the fibers of the muscle react to this stimulus, both relaxing and relieving tension, as well as inflaming, so the posterior sensation could be painful.

  • The therapist should advise all his patients and always inform them about effects after a session”
  • The patient should follow certain guidelines after massage”

Immediately after a massage

It is important to drink water to help the body eliminate substances released during massage (in another post we will talk about the importance of water before and after each therapy)
Walk calmly and not to do intense exercises

24 hours after the session

Normal activity and gentle exercises, it is possible for the patient to feel pain in the treated muscles.

48 hours after the massage

You can start normal exercises, if you do sport should be in a moderate intensity. The pain should go away.

After 48 hours

You should not feel discomfort in your muscles and you are able to do normal life.



Now you know what it happens after a good massage therapy, so go for yours! Have a look in and find the best local therapist around you.

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