Today we bring this amazing post thanks to the contribution of a member from our community, Rocio, she is a Holistic Therapist in Brighton. If you want to know more about her don’t hesitate to visit her website, Inside Holistic Therapy Massage.

The new scientific approach to health

Listen to your body; question your thoughts.

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As a qualified nurse during my practise, I have the opportunity to observe very closely our medical system; our doctors, nurses and other health professionals, our hospitals and our approach to the patients and their health condition and also my patient’s beliefs about pain, illness and medicine. I’ve always found it confusing and as I grew up and researched about it I have no doubt now that our approach to healing in modern medicine is an enormous misunderstanding and that we are doing it completely wrong.

Just by observing that we are treating illness with chemicals, it’s not difficult to suspect that there is something not right here. We’ve being programmed not to question this but think about it for a second; how could a chemical be good for me? And I’m not suggesting you stop taking your prescribed medication, which would be another tremendous error, but just to question. We have a headache, we take a painkiller to shut it up and be able to continue with the same routine that caused it. Isn’t it crazy? Our body is asking for attention, emitting signals to say that there is something that we must check and we shut it up.

When did our job and everything else become more important than our health? Do we really not care about our health? I don’t think so. We behave like that because we have been programmed to believe that the cause and solution for illness and chronic pain is outside of ourselves, so we have disregarded our responsibility towards it. It’s easier to believe that our health problems are caused by something external, like for example, genetics or aging; that way we can blame it on them and feel sorry for ourselves. We succumb to the idea that we will get sick so we start mistreating and abandoning our body. The truth is not outside, health and wellbeing (not only absence of illness but also the presence of joy in life) is in our hands.

holistic massageQuantum physics has proven over the last decades of studying the atom that the Newtonian concept of matter (everything is made of matter) in which is based our health system is wrong. In opposition, quantum physicists come to say that there is no matter but energy (consciousness). There is sleep consciousness that behaves as matter and awaken consciousness that behaves as energy but in both cases consciousness or energy is all there IS. An atom is a magnetic field similar to a miniature tornado and our body is made of atoms, which means that like everything else we are also energy. Each cell has 1.4 volts of energy –not much but when we multiply by the number of cells in our body (50 trillion) we get a total voltage of 700 million volts of electricity in our body. Pretty strong stuff! This is what the Chinese call “Qi” or “Prana” for Ayurveda, and it is also used in hands on healing by the therapist.


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As Dr. Bruce Lipton explains in his book “the biology of belief” cells modify their behavior responding to their environment  (through environmental signals). Those signals are produced in a part of the brain called the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis (HPAaxis) and ultimately are our thoughts or perception of reality what controls the HPAaxis response. Therefore our thoughts and subconscious belief patterns ultimately define our physical health and not our inherited genetics. Suffering and love are the main regulators. At the same time our cells have the ability to modify their gens also based on the environmental signals they receive (in opposition of the Darwinian Theory of Evolution in which genetic modifications are arbitrary). This is great news, it means that we are in full control of what happens in our body!

In order to heal we need to start listening to our body, focusing on cleansing those body blockages that we inevitably accumulate and start questioning the beliefs that cause us suffering towards peace and love. A pill will shut the symptoms up and probably will be a quick patch to our health but treating the illness without digging into the real root cause of the illness –suffering, it’s like sweeping under the rug; the problem it’s still there, you know it’s there, the house is still dirty, it’ll get worst and burst at some point again; every time it bursts the hole becomes bigger and the less likely we are be able to stick a patch to it.

Listen to your body; question your thoughts.


Once again, Rocio, thank you very much for your post. 😉



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